Drought Update

On February 8, 2017, the State Water Resources Control Board (State Board) voted to extend existing statewide emergency drought regulations through November 2017. The regulations prohibit wasteful practices such as watering during or 48 hours after it rains. When extending the regulations, the State Board acknowledged the improved water supply conditions in California but citied the possibility of dry conditions returning as well as the drought’s impact on groundwater supplies as the rational for the extension. The State Board agreed to consider repealing the regulations in May after a review of state’s water supply conditions.

The Vista Irrigation District remains in a Level 1 of its Water Supply Response Program. Level 1 mandatory water use efficiency practices include eliminating irrigation run-off, not using water to wash down paved surfaces, and repairing leaks in a timely manner. For a complete list of water use efficiency practices, click on the Water Supply Response Program Level 1 – Water Efficiency link below. The Vista Irrigation District wants its customers to know that water use efficiency remains a priority and appreciates its customers doing their part to use water wisely.