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Do You Qualify for Water Bill Assistance?

The Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) is a federally funded program that offers one-time payments to cover outstanding residential water and/or wastewater bills.  The federal government allocated $116 million to California to help households struggling to pay their water and/or wastewater bills.

To participate in LIHWAP, District customers must apply before March 2024 directly to Campesinos Unidos, Inc., the local service provider selected by the state to implement the program in the North County region. 

Qualified low-income households, including renters whose utility payments are included in their rent, may be eligible for up to $15,000 to pay water bills through LIHWAP.  District customers can check eligibility and apply for LIHWAP here through the local service provider.

Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program FAQLow-Income Household Water Assistance Program FAQ- Spanish