Backflow Devices

Why do I need a backflow device?

If there is a possibility of contamination of municipal drinking water by your water use, you will be required to have an approved backflow device. Backflow devices are required on all new commercial and agricultural accounts. If you are an existing account, and fall into a "high risk" category such as chemical processing, medical and dental facilities, flower grower, RV dump station etc., you are required to immediately install a backflow device to protect other water users on the system. Eventually, all commercial and agricultural accounts will be required to have a backflow device installed. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call our office at (760) 597-3100.

Approved Backflow Tester List.pdfBackflow Test ReportInstallation Guidelines Backflow Device 2 inches or smallerInstallation Guidelines Backflow Device 3 inches or largerInstallation Guidelines Backflow Fire Device 3 inches or larger