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Backflow Devices

Why do I need a backflow device?

If there is a possibility of contamination of municipal drinking water by your water use, you will be required to have an approved backflow device. In compliance with state law, the District requires an approved backflow device on commercial, industrial, agricultural and multi-family accounts as well as properties with wells.  Backflow protection may also be required on accounts considered “high risk”, such as chemical processing, medical and dental facilities, flower growers, and recreational vehicle dump stations.  If you have questions about the program, please feel free to email or contact the District at (760) 597-3100.

Approved Backflow Tester List.pdfBackflow Test Report.pdfInstallation Guidelines Backflow Device 2 inches or smallerInstallation Guidelines Backflow Device 3 inches or largerInstallation Guidelines Backflow Fire Device 3 inches or larger