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Outside Organizations



Director Paul Dorey

Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) Groundwater Committee

ACWA/JPIA Liability Committee

Southern California Water Coalition (SCWC)

SCWC Colorado River Advisory Task Force

San Luis Rey Watershed Council, Board member


Director Jo MacKenzie

ACWA Membership Committee

California Special Districts Association (CSDA) Board of Directors, Past President

CSDA Finance Corporation, President

CSDA Legislative Committee

CSDA Member Services Committee

CSDA, San Diego Chapter, Board of Directors

San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission Regular Special Districts Member, Chair

Special District Leadership Foundation Board of Directors, Treasurer

California Local Agency Formation Commission  (CALAFCO), Board of Directors

CALAFCO Legislative Committee


Director Marty Miller

San Diego County Water Authority (CWA), Board of Directors

ACWA Energy Committee

CWA Engineering and Operations Committee, Chair

CWA Hydropower/Pumped Storage Task Force

CWA Legislation and Public Outreach Committee


Director Patrick Sanchez

CSDA Professional Development Committee

ACWA Business Development Committee


Director Richard Vásquez

ACWA Water Quality Committee