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Outside Organizations



Director Peter Kuchinsky II

ACWA Business Development


Director Jo MacKenzie

ACWA Membership Committee

ACWA Local Government Committee

CSDA Board of Directors, Past President

CSDA Finance Corporation, President

CSDA Legislative Committee

CSDA Member Services Committee, Chair

CSDA, San Diego Chapter, Board of Directors

Special District Leadership Foundation Board of Directors, Vice President

LAFCO Regular Special Districts Member, Commissioner


Director Marty Miller

San Diego County Water Authority (CWA), Board of Directors

CWA Board Governance Work Group

CWA Engineering & Operations Committee

 CWA Imported Water Committee, Chair

CWA Labor Contract Work Group, Chair

 Metropolitan Water District (MWD), Board of Directors

 MWD Engineering, Operations & Technology Committee

 MWD Legal and Claims Committee

 MWD One Water and Stewardship Committee

 MWD Finance, Audit, Insurance and Real Property Committee

 MWD Audit sub committee

 MWD Bay Delta, Co. River & Property Mgmt. Ad Hoc Committee, Chair

 LAFCO Special Districts Advisory Committee


Director Patrick Sanchez

CSDA Professional Development Committee

San Diego County Redevelopment Successor Agency Oversight Board

 ACWA Energy Committee


Director Richard Vásquez

ACWA Water Quality Committee

ACWA Groundwater Committee


Outside Organizations

San Luis Rey Watershed Council:  MacKenzie (Alt. Kuchinsky)

ACWA-JPIA:  Sanchez (Alt. Hodgkiss/Kuchinsky)

Southern California Water Committee:  Miller (Alt. Vásquez)

Groundwater Resources Association:  Vásquez (Alt. Kuchinsky)