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How to Read Your Meter

Meter face plate identifying lw flow indicator and sweep hand.

Your water meter is underground in a rectangular box with a plastic, metal or concrete lid, and is usually found in or near the sidewalk. To get to the meter, you can remove the cover with a large screwdriver. Vista Irrigation District meters measure water used in cubic feet. One cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons. Our bills are based on how many hundred cubic feet units (748 gallons) each customer uses. Most of the water meters read like an odometer. Simply read the numbers across the counter (see illustration). 


How many gallons of water am I using per day?

To figure out how many gallons you are using per day over a billing cycle, you can multiply the number of units on your bill by 748 gallons and divide the total by the number of days in the billing cycle. Example: 24 units multiplied by 748 gallons equals 17,952 gallons; 17,952 gallons divided by 60 days equals approximately 299 gallons per day.