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Escondido-Vista Water Treatment Plant

The Escondido-Vista Water Treatment Plant (Plant), jointly owned by the City of Escondido and Vista Irrigation District (District), was constructed in 1976 and has capacity to produce 75 million gallons of potable water per day.  The Plant uses a combination of mechanical and chemical processes to remove constituents from the raw water supply; the result is water meeting all state and federal requirements.  The treated water travels 14 miles from the Plant through the Vista Flume to the District’s service area and your tap.

Major upgrades to the Plant, including the installation of state of the art on-site chlorine dioxide generation, were completed in 2017.  Emergency power generators capable of managing the demands of the redesigned Plant, even during a power outage, were also added as part of the upgrades. These improvements greatly enhance the security, safety and reliability of the overall water treatment process.

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Aerial photograph of EVWTP
Photo Source: City of Escondido