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Serving our Customers

Customer Service Department
Our Customer Service Department is the "front line" to our customers and the general public, providing information about District policies on water billing, payments and other services. Our friendly customer service staff can answer many of your questions, such as "how many units of water did I use last year at this time?" The department is also responsible for conducting and reviewing meter reads and preparing water bills.


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Water Conservation Department
Our Water Conservation Department can provide you with valuable information on ways to become more water efficient both inside and outside your home and/or business. Remember, we are a desert on the ocean and must adopt habits that reflect our lack of natural water.  As these limited resources are called upon to supply an ever-increasing population, we will have to get by with less. For more information on water conservation, visit our Water Conservation page.


Engineering Department 
Our Engineering Department assists customers, developers and other public agencies with water system modifications, improvements and extensions. If you want to talk to somebody about getting water to your project, the Engineering Department is the place to start. The department is responsible for the District's day-to-day engineering activities. The department also designs, checks, inspects and maps all aspects of our water system and processes contracts, legal documents and service applications.


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Mainline replacement project

Construction & Facilities Departments
Our Construction and Facilities crews make sure over 429 miles of pipeline and other infrastructure is fully operational.

Construction personnel perform a wide variety of maintenance functions on our underground infrastructure as well as expanding the distribution system to serve new development. Our crews are also responsible for new service installations. For information on current construction projects, click here

Facilities personnel provide 24-hours of on-call emergency response coverage for facility repairs and maintenance. The department maintains and repairs District buildings, reservoirs, pumping stations, water treatment plants and 13 miles of the Vista Flume. The department also operates the District's leak detection program, which focuses on eliminating water loss. 

Operations & Water Resources Departments
Our Operations and Water Resources departments ensure that you have a high quality and reliable water supply day in and day out. The Operations Department is on call 24-hours a day and is responsible for day-to-day water distribution, water quality, system monitoring, maintenance, and customer service. Operations personnel perform over 12,000 tests for 75 drinking water contaminants each year. The findings of those tests are reported annually in the District's Consumer Confidence Report. 

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Water Resources is charged with managing our local water supply at Lake Henshaw, which is located 50 miles northeast of the District's main service area. Activities include pumping water to the lake from our well fields and maintaining pipelines and ditches that deliver water to the lake. Water Resources staff is also responsible for the up keep of other District facilities and infrastructure located on the 43,000-acre Warner Ranch, which surrounds Lake Henshaw. For more information about Lake Henshaw and our water supply, view the Our Water page.