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Commercial Rebates

Turf Replacement Program

Replace your existing lawn with a drought-resistant landscape and receive a rebate.  Click here for more information and to apply.

Commercial Large Landscape Incentive Program 

The San Diego County Water Authority is offering a new bundled rebate program for retrofitting irrigation devices on large landscapes!

For more information on the  click here

SoCal WaterSmart Rebates

Weather-based Irrigation Controller - $35 per station

Central Computer Irrigation Controller - $35 per station

Soil Moisture Sensor System - $35 per station

Large Rotary Nozzles (minimum of 8 sets - 2 per site) - $13 per set

Rotating Nozzles for Pop-up Spray Head Retrofits (minimum of 30) - $2

Sprinkler In-stem Flow Regulator (minimum of 25) - $1/regulator

Laminar Flow Restrictor (minimum of 10) - $10/restrictor

Plumbing Flow Control Valve (minimum of 10) - $5/valve

Premium High-efficiency Toilet (4-liter) - $40

Multi-family Premium High-efficiency Toilet (4-liter) - $40

Urinals (Zero Water Use and Ultra-low Water Use; 0-0.125 gal/flush) - $200

Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller - $625 (pH - $1,750)

Dry Vacuum Pump - $125 per 0.5 horsepower

Connectionless Food Steamer - $485 per compartment

Air Cooled Ice Making Machine - $1,000


Funding is limited.  Rebates are available on a first come, first serve basis. Visit SoCal Water$mart or call (888) 376-3314 for more details.