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Harmful Algal Bloom Safety Information 

Harmful Algal Bloom Safety Notification

Lake Henshaw is currently experiencing a Harmful Algal Bloom. Vista Irrigation District urges you to take necessary precautions to protect yourself, family and pets when visiting the lake including: 

  • Heed all instructions on posted advisories.
  • Stay out of the water and avoid algae and scum along the shore.
  • Do not allow children near the water.
  • Do not drink the water or use it for cooking.
  • Do not let pets and other animals go into or drink the water, or eat scum and algal found near the shore.
  • Do not eat fish or shellfish from this water.
  •  If you do come into contact, wash yourself, your family, and your pets with clean water after contact.

For more information on harmful algal blooms, click here.  Please contact the Vista Irrigation District Water Quality Section at (760) 597-3100 with any questions.


Call your Doctor or Veterinarian if you or your pet get sick after contact with a harmful algal bloom.