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Quagga Mussels

Quagga/zebra mussels in California waters could result in significant environmental and economic disruption. They can cause a shift in native species and disrupt the ecological balance of water bodies. Mussels clog water pipes, coat piers and ruin boat motors. Moving a boat from an infested water to another water could spread the mussels.

Lake Henshaw is not currently infested with the quagga mussel and we need the public's help to keep the lake free of this invasive species!

All boats will be inspected and/or decontaminated by Lake Henshaw Resorts, Inc. prior to launching in Lake Henshaw. Please follow the rules and guidelines provided during the watercraft inspection at Lake Henshaw.  Do not launch your boat in the lake if you discover quagga mussels. For more information visit California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Quagga muscles on boat propeller
Examples of quagga muscles on a boat propeller.
May contain: ring, accessories, jewelry, accessory, person, human, invertebrate, animal, clam, sea life, and seashell
Examples of quagga muscles shells.