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Vista Irrigation District Adopts 2020 Urban Water Management Plan and Amended Water Supply Response Program (June 23, 2021)

Vista Irrigation District Board of Directors adopted its 2020 Urban Water Management Plan (2020 UWMP) and amended its Water Supply Response Plan (WSRP).  The 2020 UWMP details the district’s long-term planning efforts to ensure sufficient water supplies to meet existing and future water needs of its customers.  The WSRP specifies water use efficiency and water conservation measures to be implemented during water shortage conditions resulting from drought and other emergencies. 

The 2020 UWMP represents the district’s most current planning projections of supply and demand capability developed through a collaborative process with its wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority, and neighboring water agencies.  The 2020 UWMP highlights how regional and local investments in water supply reliability have ensured sufficient water supplies are available to meet existing and future demands, even through multiple dry years.

“The district’s 2020 Urban Water Management Plan provides the district with a blueprint to ensure that we have sufficient water supplies to meet our customers’ needs now and well into the future,” said general manager Brett Hodgkiss.

The 2020 UWMP is available on the district website at; it evaluates the district’s local and purchased water supplies, land use, water-efficiency measures, and population forecasts to determine the sufficiency of district water sources over the next 20 years.  As part of its planning process, the district also updated its WSRP, which includes the district’s planned actions to respond to actual water shortage conditions.  The WSRP is also available on the district website at

The 2020 UWMP complies with California state law requiring urban water suppliers to prepare and update urban water management plans every five years.  These plans are an important part of the district’s long-range planning efforts to prevent supply disruptions and maintain safe, reliable water service to its customers.

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