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Vista Irrigation District Announces Student Contest Winners (April 17, 2019)

Vista Irrigation District has presented awards to six high school seniors and three fourth-grade students from the local community as winners of two separate district‑sponsored contests. The district’s board of directors presented the awards to the recipients at its April 17, 2019 board meeting.

Joshua Cielo and Ana “Daniela” Gallegos from Mission Vista High School; Rubi Gomez and Travis Letourneau from Rancho Buena Vista High School; Josiah Hicks from North County Trade Tech High School; and Marcus Calderon from Vista High School each received a $1,000 award as winners in the district’s 2019 scholarship contest.

Adam Canfield, a fourth grade student from St. Francis School, received first place honors from the district for his entry in the 2019 Water Awareness Poster Contest.  He received a $100 award.  Teagan Smith from Lake Elementary School received a second place award of $50 and Jack White from Tri-City Christian School received a third place award of $25 for their entries in the contest.

4th Grade Poster Contest winner showing boy brushing teet with slogan "Every Drop of Water is Special."


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