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Vista Irrigation District Announces Student Contest Winners (May 11, 2016)

The Vista Irrigation District (VID) has presented awards to three high school seniors and three fourth-grade students from the local community as winners of two separate district-sponsored contests. The District’s Board of Directors presented the awards to the recipients at its May 11, 2016 Board meeting. 

Nicholas Smith, from Tri-City Christian School, received first place honors from VID for his entry in the district’s 2015 scholarship contest.  He was presented a $1,500 scholarship award.  Marcy Faison from North County Trade Tech High School and Randy Robbins from Rancho Buena Vista High School were awarded $750 scholarships as runners-up in the contest.

Lanea Rico, a fourth-grade student from Mission Meadows Elementary School, received first place honors from the district for her entry in the 2016 Water Awareness Poster Contest.  She received a $100 award.  Rebecca Gutierrez from Tri-City Christian School received a second place award of $50 and Ariana Barragan from Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary School received a third place award of $25 for their entries in the contest.

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