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Vista Irrigation District Announces Watersmart Landscape Contest Winner (August 17, 2022)

The Vista Irrigation District board of directors recognized Jennifer Dell as the district’s 2022 WaterSmart Landscape Contest winner.

The annual contest recognizes outstanding water-wise residential landscapes based on the criteria of overall attractiveness, appropriate plant selection, design, appropriate maintenance, and efficient methods of irrigation.

Replacing the standard, water intensive lawn of her home was a high priority when Ms. Dell purchased the property in 2019; she used upcycled landscape materials and water smart trees, shrubs and perennials to transform her front yard into a thriving landscape.  Podocarpus and Purple Hopseed evergreens circle the yard to create a verdant privacy screen that provides seasonal color all year, and spears of deep purple from Pride of Madeira, Lavender and Mexican Sage Bush throughout create a colorful and blossoming habitat for butterflies, bees and birds.  Honeysuckle, Star Jasmine and Floribunda Iceberg Roses provide fragrant bursts of color; Ms. Dell also planted a variety of fruit trees that she irrigates with rainwater collected in a rain barrel catchment system. 

“I wanted a lush and colorful landscape with as low of a water bill as possible!” said Ms. Dell. “What was a mundane, flat waste of water is now, and will increasingly be, a joyful, colorful, and dynamic habitat for humans and other wildlife.”

“Replacing your grass lawn with a WaterSmart landscape is one of the best ways to reduce your water use,” said Brent Reyes, water conservation specialist. “Additionally, turf removal rebates are available to help with the cost.”

For more information about the contest and to see more examples of WaterSmart landscaping, visit  Visit the district’s web site ( or call (760) 597-3107 to find out more ways to save water.

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