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Vista Irrigation District Collaborates on Regional Trust the Tap Video

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 Vista Irrigation District Distribution Supervisor (L) tells Switchfoot guitarist Jon Foreman about the process of testing water quality in the VID lab. Photo: San Diego County Water Authority

As part of a regional effort to highlight the quality of local water supplies, the San County Diego Water Authority and its 24 member agencies have partnered with Encinitas resident and Grammy-award winning musician Jon Foreman of Switchfoot to create a series of videos highlighting how tap water across the region meets or exceeds stringent state and federal standards.

Vista Irrigation District staff collaborated with the Water Authority and Jon Foreman to create an informative video in our water quality lab, where we perform thousands of water quality tests to ensure your water is safe. 

Check out the video here!

Detailed information about the quality of your water is available in the District’s annual Consumer Confidence Report. Customers can request that a hard copy of the report be mailed to them by calling (760) 597-3100.

If you have specific questions about your water, please email or call us at (760) 597-3143.