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Water Supply Response Program Level 4 - Critical Water Shortage

Level 4 applies under the following conditions: 1) when the Water Authority Board of Directors declares a water shortage emergency pursuant to California Water Code section 350 and notifies its member agencies that Level 4 requires a water shortage demand reduction in order for the District to maximize supplies available to meet anticipated demands; 2) when a similar requirement is imposed by a regulatory agency; or 3) when other conditions exist that require the Board of Directors to declare a water shortage emergency. The consumer demand reduction amounts in Level 4 typically apply during a shortage of up to and including 40 percent, although the District Board of Directors shall declare a Level 4 water shortage in the manner and on the grounds provided in California Water Code section 350.

All persons using District water shall comply with water-use efficiency practices and conservation measures required under Levels 1 through 3 and shall also comply with the following additional mandatory conservation measures:

     1.   Stop all commercial landscape irrigation, unless the District has determined that recycled water is available and may be lawfully applied to the use. This restriction shall not apply to the following categories of use. 

  • Maintenance of trees and shrubs that are watered on the same schedule established during a Level 3 Drought water shortage by using a bucket, hand-held hose with a positive shut-off nozzle, or low-volume non-spray irrigation; 
  • Maintenance of existing landscaping necessary for fire protection as specified by the Fire Marshal of the local fire protection agency having jurisdiction over the property to be irrigated;
  • Maintenance of existing landscaping for erosion control;
  • Maintenance of plant materials identified to be rare or essential to the well being of rare animals; 
  • Maintenance of landscaping within active public parks and playing fields, day care centers, school grounds, cemeteries, and golf course greens, provided that such irrigation does not exceed two days per week according to the schedule established by the General Manager and posted by the District.
  • Watering of livestock; and
  • Public works projects and actively irrigated environmental mitigation projects.
  • Irrigation of crops and landscape products of commercial growers and nurseries. 

    2.    Stop all vehicle washing, including at commercial car washes. 

    3.    Repair all water leaks within 24 hours of notification by the District unless other arrangements are made with the General Manager.

The District may establish a water allocation for property served by the District.  If the District establishes a water allocation it shall provide notice of the allocation by including it in the regular billing statement for water service or by any other mailing to the address to which the District customarily mails the billing statement for fees or charges for on-going water service.  Following the effective date of the water allocation as established by the District, any person that uses water in excess of the allocation shall be subject to a penalty for each billing unit of water in excess of the allocation.  The penalty for excess water usage shall be cumulative to any other remedy or fee that may be imposed for violation of the Water Supply Response Program.