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Water Supply Response Program Level 6 - Critical Water Emergency

Level 6 condition applies when the Water Authority Board of Directors declares a water shortage emergency pursuant to California Water Code Section 350 and notifies its member agencies that Level 6 requires a demand reduction of more than 50% in order for the District to have maximum supplies available to meet anticipated demands. The District shall declare a critical water emergency in the manner and on the grounds provided in California Water Code section 350.

All persons using District water shall comply with conservation measures required during Levels 1 through 5 conditions and shall also comply with the following additional mandatory conservation measures:

       1.    Stop all landscape irrigation, including maintenance of trees and shrubs, and crops and landscape products of commercial growers and nurseries at the General Manager's discretion. This restriction shall not apply to the following categories of use unless the District has determined that recycled water is available and may be lawfully applied to the use. 

  • Maintenance of existing landscaping necessary for fire protection as specified by the Fire Marshal of the local fire protection agency having jurisdiction over the property to be irrigated. 
  • Maintenance of existing landscaping for erosion control.
  • Maintenance of plant materials identified to be rare or essential to the well being of rare animals.
  • Watering of livestock. 
  • Public works projects and actively irrigated environmental mitigation projects.

       2.    At the discretion of the General Manager, the District may shut off or lock irrigation meters without customer notification.