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Free WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Workshops in Person and Virtual 

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2020 Landscape Contest Honorable Mention

WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Program 

In Person and Virtual

These free, three-hour landscape workshops teach the basics of how to do a landscape makeover.  Each workshop covers topics different topics, including soil, design, turf removal, plant selection, planning, irrigation, rainwater catchment and implementation — all the elements needed to convert high-water-use turf to a beautiful, water-efficient landscape.

The District will be hosting  a WaterSmart landscape workshop titled Plants: Inspiring Choices for our Region on Saturday November 4, 2023, from 10 AM to 1 PM at its headquarters building located at 1391 Engineer Street in Vista. 

Registration is required.  

Click here for a schedule of upcoming workshops and to register.

For more information contact Brent Reyes at or (760) 597-3107.