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Love Tap!

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Vista Irrigation District is getting the word out about the benefits of drinking tap water through its Love Tap! campaign. The campaign seeks to raise awareness in the community about the quality, value, and environmental benefits of the water the District delivers to homes and businesses.  


Tap into HEALTH

Drinking water is good for you.  Tap into health by replacing sugary drinks, such as soda, with water instead.  Doing so can help keep you fit and save thousands of calories.  Children especially can benefit from drinking more water.  Drinking water helps fight childhood obesity and improve childhood nutrition. 

Vista Irrigation District wants its customers to know that they have a source of healthy high quality drinking water right at their own tap.  The District’s water is routinely tested and must meet stringent water quality standards that meet or exceed that of bottled water.  Customers can learn the results of those tests as they are contained in the District’s annual Consumer Confidence Report, also known as the annual water quality report.  Comparatively, bottled water companies are not required to provide the results of their water quality tests to consumers. 


Tap into SAVINGS

Drinking tap water is an excellent value.   Did you know it only costs about 32 cents to provide a family of four drinking water for a whole month from the tap?  Compare that to the price of bottled water or to water from vending machines, which is in many cases filtered tap water.  Why not tap into savings by drinking tap water?

Customers filling reusable water bottles at hydration station.


Tap into the ENVIRONMENT

Going green is as easy as drinking tap water.  Drinking tap water protects our environment by reducing solid waste and energy consumption as well as the associated pollution created by the bottled water industry.  The environmental costs of single use plastic bottles are staggering.  Each year, 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to produce plastic water bottles.  In turn, Americans throw away 38 billion water bottles annually, filling up our landfills and costing the economy over $1 billion to dispose of non-biodegradable plastic.  By drinking tap water out of re-fillable bottles you are doing your part to break this cycle, reducing greenhouse gases and the impact of plastic waste on our landfills.

 The District encourages its customers to learn more about the benefits of the water that is delivered to your home or business and to tap into the health, saving, and environmental benefits drinking tap water provides.